eMarketing Design, Inc.™ is a St Louis based company that is uniquely qualified to help small and medium size businesses compete with larger firms in a cost-effective manner. We accomplish this by leveraging marketing dollars using blue-ocean and guerrilla marketing type strategies.

What makes eMarketing Design “Unique”? To begin with, our two principals are successful business people that learned marketing, branding and lead-generation “from the trenches” during their 30+ years in the real estate business. So they bring their business experience to the marketing industry, giving them a much different perspective than other firms as well as the ability to fully understand the needs and goals of businesses trying to compete and survive today.

If you want to beat them, don’t join them
Over the past several years, “big-box” retailers have taken over many markets previously dominated by small, independent businesses and the same has happened to many other professions as well. For smaller businesses and professionals to compete with the “big guys” it’s difficult but fortunately the internet has helped level the playing field. This, coupled with our “blue-ocean” strategy, enables businesses to avoid choose to establish a new playing field rather than competing on the one where everyone else is.

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