Who we are

Who We Are

John Williams obtained his undergrad degree in Information Systems and spent the first several years of his career working at a programmer at McDonnell Douglas.

John then made a career change and went into real estate as an agent and was an immediate success. He was able to rise to the top agent in the top Re/Max office in the area and then remained the top agent during his entire stay. John recognized the power of the internet long before his competitors did and used it, along with some very innovative marketing, to achieve his success.

John then shifted gears again and, in 2002 decided to take a break from real estate and began learning more about programming and set out to build a massive network of hundreds of geo and topic targeted websites which was recently launched as Connecting St Louis.

Dennis Norman entered the real estate business right our of high school. He would then go on to build his company into one of the largest residential investment firms in St. Louis, buying and selling over 2,000 homes. While growing his real estate investment business, Dennis took his company from an “unknown” to one of the most recognizable brands in his market.

Dennis then turned his attention to new residential development and set out to expand his company’s brand to span the chasm from a speculator in primarily lower cost homes to a developer of high end homes, condos and town homes in St Louis’ most prestigious neighborhoods. Within a few years Dennis had succeeded in his goal and his company had become one of the more recognizable brands in the market.

In 2008 John and Dennis set out to take their collective experience and knowledge to build a marketing network that would use technology along with innovative marketing, with some “old school” marketing thrown in as well, to help small businesses compete and thrive. They used their real estate brokerage and the “guinea pig” and proving ground and have seen the results they expected. They are now ready to use the system they built for their business to help other businesses and professionals meet the market and lead generation challenges they face today.