When Having An Agent Or Broker Website Isn't Enough

We're brokers with the experience in real estate and marketing to help you achieve your goals.

about us

We're Real Estate Brokers With Digital Marketing Expertise

We are real estate professionals with over 30+ years experience working in St. Louis area focusing on residential and investment real estate brokerage. We developed a strategic multiple domain marketing platform for real estate called Agent Gold™️ designed to help us create new business opportunities while successfully competing against larger competition.

Agent Gold™️ is a member based marketing network platform comprised of 100s of premium domain websites focused on the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries (primarily residential and investment real estate).

Who We Help

Providing Real Estate Brokerages & Teams The Tools To Succeed

We help real estate brokerages and top performing real estate teams across the United States implement our systems to grow their business in their respective markets.  

In addition, we can help mortgage and insurance professionals grow by showing how they can team up with real estate professionals to grow their businesses together.  We offer exclusive territory opportunities based on zip code and niche.

How We Help


We help you get more website traffic.


We help you get more real estate leads and opportunities.


We help you stand out from competition.


We help you be seen as the ‘go to’ expert in their chosen areas of expertise.

What We Believe

At Emarketing Design, here is what we believe for ourselves and our clients...

  1. 1
    We believe real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals need more than one website (domain) to successfully market and promote themselves.
  2. 2
    We believe real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals must have an on-going lead generation system to keep bringing in new customers and clients
  3. 3
    We believe real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals can and must be in control of their own marketing.
  4. 4
    We believe that every new introduction/contact/lead/prospect could lead to thousands of dollars of income for the real estate, mortgage, and insurance professional. We understand the lifetime value of a customer.
  5. 5
    We believe that every real estate sale starts with the real estate professional and mortgage, insurance, and other professionals can benefit from strong working relationships with top real estate professionals.
  6. 6
    We believe that all real estate is local and that the local real estate professional needs to the ‘go to” expert for buyers and sellers.
  7. 7
    We believe that real estate professionals should and must define their specific areas of expertise where they can be seen as the expert - in other words they should not try to be “Jack of all trades - master of none”.

Here's What We Do

Here's our process for helping your succeed.

First - Consultation

We offer a free no obligation consultation to identify if and how our systems and expertise can help you.

Second - Customize

If we determine we can help you, we will set you up with a membership on the Agent Gold™️ network and then customize your membership to fit your business.

Third - Coach

After that - we will regularly coach you on smart and savvy marketing techniques using the Agent Gold™️ network (and other potential tools) to grow your business.

Are You An Agent Gold™️ Candidate?

We can't help everyone, but we can definitely help like minded professionals

Yes - I am a candidate because...

  • Yes... I am a full-time real estate, mortgage, or insurance professional
  • Yes... I understand the 'life-time value' of a new customer to my business
  • Yes... I understand the importance of niche marketing and being seen as the expert in my chosen field of expertise.

No - I am NOT a candidate because...

  • No... I am not a full-time real estate, mortgage, or insurance professional
  • No... I am just in the business because it's an easy quick commission
  • No... I am just out there hoping and praying that I will find someone today that I can make a sale with...

Here's What We Know:

Most people who get their real estate license with the intention of making real estate a full time career end up out of the business in a very short time. Why, because they don't have definite direction and a plan to succeed.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand that there are a lot of companies promising a lot of things and often you don't get what you expected. We want you to get positive results and see your business grow! But just in case you have any reservations, we offer an initial 90 day 100% money back guarantee on your Agent Gold™️ membership. Ask us for more details.

Contact Us

Have questions? Want to know if you are Agent Gold™️ material? Reach out to our team today!